How to know if your wisdom teeth need to be removed.

Many young adults get a rude shock when they realise that their wisdom teeth are coming through. It seems unfair that problems can arise in the mouth, even after childhood. With everything else happening in your early 20s, you don’t deserve another headache! Time to face the facts, folks. Your wisdom teeth are here, and you may need to take action on them.

When do wisdom teeth come through?

Your third molars, otherwise known as wisdom teeth, can come through at any time during young adulthood. Most people will experience the appearance of their wisdom teeth when they are between the ages of 18 and 25. Although, having these molars come through at a different age is not abnormal.

Are wisdom teeth a problem?

Despite common belief, not all wisdom teeth are a problem and require surgery. Wisdom teeth are only a concern if they aren’t growing straight in the jaw. When wisdom teeth come through the gums at an unsightly angle, they can cause the rest of your teeth to become crowded and move position. Other problems can also occur with the eruption of wisdom teeth, including: they only come through the gums partially, they come through sideways, they cause swelling in the face, or they become trapped. As a result, you may lose the ability to eat properly and comfortably. It will also alter the appearance of your smile.

Some lucky people will experience eruption of wisdom teeth with no issues. If there is enough space for them, and they come through in a straight line, then you have little to be concerned about. However, you should still visit a Gold Coast dental clinic so they can confirm that everything is a-okay.

It is important to note that some minor pain and discomfort is normal when your wisdom teeth are coming through. You are likely to experience a dull ache or some sensitivity. However, untouchable and unmanageable pain could indicate that you have a problematic infection. You must visit your local dentist if this is the case. In order to avoid infections from the start, you should thoroughly clean the wisdom tooth area by brushing, flossing, and washing your mouth after every meal and snack.

How can you get wisdom teeth removed?

To fully understand whether your wisdom teeth are a problem or not, you will need to book an appointment with a trusted dental clinic nearby so they can conduct investigations. Your dentist is likely to take x-rays of your mouth in order to see where exactly the new teeth are coming through.

In the case that your wisdom teeth are breaking through the gums problematically, or they have caused an infection, your dentist will probably recommend having them removed entirely.

You can wipe the sweat away from your forehead – the extraction of wisdom teeth is an incredibly common procedure and most dentists should be capable of completing the task with no issues. The professional dental clinics in the Smile Fit Club have direct training in wisdom teeth removal and the process comes as second nature to them.

How much does it cost to have wisdom teeth removed?

If you have private health insurance, the bulk cost of wisdom teeth removal might be covered by your insurer (what a win!). You will need to contact your health insurance provider to ask exactly how much can be covered, and what dentists you can attend to get that cover. Certain health insurers have certain dentists that they prefer you to attend.

Realistically, many young adults at the age of having wisdom teeth problems probably do not have health insurance because they are not financially established to afford it. That’s okay! Our Smile Fit dentists completely understand that health insurance is costly, and as a hard-working twenty year old, you do not want to be forking out a wad of cash each month to pay for it.

Therefore, all of our professional dental clinics in the Gold Coast offer payment plans to assist you with the associated costs of dental consultation and wisdom teeth removal. We will be upfront with you regarding the costs so that you can decide upon a way forward that suits your financial circumstances. Because we want the best for our community, and particularly those suffering from oral concerns, we are one of the cheapest dentists in the Gold Coast area.

If you have any pain in your mouth and would like to be assessed by one of our friendly dentists, you can join the Smile Fit Club by booking an initial appointment today. We also offer cosmetic dental treatments, general dentistry and professional teeth whitening products as part of some of our packages.

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