What cosmetic dental options are available in 2020?

The start of 2020 was not just a new year, but it was also the beginning of a new decade. If you compare current treatments in the dental industry with the treatments that were available ten, twenty or thirty years ago, it is easy to see how rapidly technology is advancing. Achieving a whiter and straighter smile is now cheaper, faster, easier and more comfortable than it has ever been before.

At the moment, there are a variety of different ways that you can obtain improvements to your smile. The best dental clinics in the Gold Coast now offer cosmetic work in addition to their regular dental services and treatments. With so many professional and progressive local dentists, it is simple to find a smile-enhancing fix.

Depending on your unique budget and desires, there are a wide variety of treatments that can achieve what you require.

DIY teeth whitening kits.

In the modern day, you do not need to go under the knife just to have your teeth whitened. There are many popular teeth whitening kits that can be purchased and easily utilised at home. One of the reasons that DIY teeth whitening kits are so loved by the community is because they are an extremely cheap cosmetic treatment.

At Smile Fit, our at-home teeth whitening kit options include:

Each of these kits provides you will easy-to-use tools and technology that will gradually enhance your smile over time. The Smile Sonic Brush, for example, is one of the best teeth whitening tools in Australia. All you need to do is brush your teeth with the sonic brush every day and you will begin to see results within a week.

Professional teeth whitening.

If you are confused or un-convinced about an at-home teeth whitening treatment, you can visit one of our qualified dentists in the Gold Coast. The dentists in our direct club understand the value of teeth whitening and they can recommend the best action for you to take moving forward. Knowledge is key to a good teeth whitening experience, so our aim is to provide you will all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

Teeth alignment.

Ten years ago, teeth straightening and alignment correction was only possible with ghastly metal braces. Thankfully, the dental world has sought non-intrusive and simpler solutions to straightening a smile. The most recommended teeth straightening product on the market right now is Invisalign.

Invisalign is a form of cosmetic dentistry that improves the overall appearance of your teeth. It is tremendously popular, with more than six million people having taken part in the treatment worldwide. The main tools used during Invisalign treatment are sets of clear aligners. These aligners are custom-made to suit your mouth and teeth structure. Gradually, they move the position of your teeth into a straight line. The Invisalign aligners need to be changed every two weeks to keep moving your teeth through different stages.

To get started, your local dentist (Invisalign trained) will take a range of X-rays and oral images to see the state of your teeth. These picture will be sent to the Invisalign team who can then create a set of custom-designed aligners for your mouth. The clear aligners will then be delivered to your dentist and passed onto you. There are various Invisalign dentists in the Gold Coast, including all of the Smile Fit Direct Club clinics.

Modern dental check-ups and hygiene treatments.

In addition to any cosmetic dental work, you should be regular visiting your dentist for standard check-ups. When you don’t see a trusted dentist on a regular basis, you are likely to have problems with your oral health. Visiting your local dentist every six months is an investment for your future, as it ensures solutions are found earlier rather than later.

Thankfully, there are solutions to deal with tooth decay, stained teeth and gum diseases. In most cases, these common oral problems can be fixed with non-intrusive procedures when conducted by a reliable dentist. Your Smile Fit dentist will identify any issues as they arise, so long as you continue to attend their dental clinic on a bi-annual basis.

What is the first step towards a better smile?

If you are interested in cosmetic dental treatments, including teeth whitening and teeth straightening, the Smile Fit Club are the ideal team to help you. When you attend a local club, your friendly dentist will be able to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. Our dental clinics do not pressure decisions from you, and each individual dentist truly wants the best outcome for you.

We want you to smile direct, so join our club and see the benefits. You can easily book an appointment with your dental clinic club direct online.

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