Dental General Anaesthetic

TFI Connect has a commercial lab on-site. Providing efficient services for fast & accurate results.

What is it?

Dental General Anesthesia is a great addition to modern dentistry to provide treatment to those who are either worried about getting dental work done or experiencing any discomfort during their visit. Our professional anaesthetic team will provide the required medication through intravenous or a mask. Which will have you quickly go off to sleep before any procedures are carried out by one of our Dentist. Our highly trained team of professional doctors and nurses will monitor your progress throughout the procedure and in the recovery room afterwards.

Benefits of having a dental procedure

Many benefits come from dental procedures which restore good oral health by treating things such as infections, dental decay and gum disease. This will also improve aesthetics of your smile along with function and general health.

What procedures can be carried out under GA?

There are many procedures which can be done, here is a list of some:
- Crowns & Veneers
- Dental implants
- Tooth extractions
- Fillings
- Scale and polish
- Fitting of dentures

Our Anaesthetic Nursing Team

From the moment of your very first consultation, our anaesthetic nurses are appointed to make sure that your journey is both safe and memorable. You are our number one priority. We are here to care and advocate for you throughout the dental journey that you are undertaking.

All of our nurses have had extensive experience in looking after patients and making sure your dental general anaesthetic needs are well adhered to. Additional to providing expert patient care we provide support to all clinicians and staff involved in your treatment plan. From admission all the way through to your discharge our anaesthetic nurses are involved in all sections of that journey and are always available to be there for you at a moments notice should you need a hand.

Working in stand-alone surgeries requires teamwork to ensure that all tasks are completed in a safe and timely manner. All of our anaesthetic nurses are trained to be part of the team and to make sure our patients are receiving the very best of care.

Our success and reputation for providing a great service relies on maintaining our relationships with the various sites and services we have chosen to partner with. We acknowledge that our nurses are the front line to ensuring that our patients are always well looked after and are always receiving a positive experience when undergoing an anaesthetic. This role our nurses provide involves working with a variety of different people with a vast amount of experience, backgrounds and diverse values.

This can be a huge challenge given the nature of our work. We strongly feel that this is our strength and we provide our staff with the tools and support to create and foster a mutually respectful and enjoyable work environment. We always value the feedback from our patients and ask you to be part of our team and help us grow as we have helped you in your journey.

How you can help us: When you are introduced to your nurse try and remember their name. It may be hard at first especially when you may be nervous and anxious on your day of the procedure.

However, when you go home help us by filling out the feedback form provided in your treatment bag and returning it to us with any advise you can give us to assist in providing a better service to the next patient. Additionally, we ask you to tell three of your friends about the experience we have had together and let them know of TFI Connect Dentistry and that we are there to make their journey just as successful.

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