How can you whiten your teeth on the Gold Coast?

As a coast known for golden sunshine and glamorous beaches, it only makes sense that we are a community with equally shimmering smiles. More and more locals across Queensland are opting for teeth whitening treatment to amplify their smile and showcase their beauty.

With so many people looking for teeth whitening on the Gold Coast, you may feel behind the eight ball if you are yet to start whitening your teeth as well.

There are many ways that you can brighten your smile direct, and our club is one of them. Through our Smile Fit Club, you can gain access to a number of proven DIY teeth whitening products, as well as qualified dentists to assist you on your smile improvement journey.

Below are four of the most common ways to whiten your teeth.

  1. The Smile Fit Smile Sonic Brush.

What is the one thing that the dentist repeated over and over and over when you were young? Brush your teeth. The golden rule of brushing your teeth twice a day still applies now that you are an adult. Upholding good oral hygiene is crucial for avoiding any stains on your teeth and keeping them as white as possible.

To increase overall effectiveness and productivity when brushing your teeth, the knowledgeable team at Smile Fit Club have now developed a smart cleaning brush to keep your smile looking pearly clean.

The sonic brush is a cheap teeth whitening method that is being used by hundreds of Australians to enhance their smile. The smart technology embedded into the brush allows for you to select four different modes of brushing to cover all bases:

  • Clean mode – removes up to seven times more plaque than a manual toothbrush
  • Gum care – for gentle cleaning of your gums
  • Polish – to brighten and sharpen the appearance of your teeth
  • Whiten – to remove surface stains and permit a white surface.

The sonic brush can work hand-in-hand with other teeth whitening kits or dental hygiene treatments. For only $99, it is no wonder why this affordable teeth whitening brush is one of the most popular teeth whitening tools in Australia right now.

  1. The Smile Fit Teeth Whitening Kit.

Having to wait months for your teeth whitening solution to take affect can be quite disheartening. That is why our Smile Fit Club professionals have developed a solution that allows for fast teeth whitening.

This popular teeth whitening kit comes equipped with:

  • LED light accelerator
  • Three teeth whitening gel pens, containing the same strong agent that dentists use)
  • Before and after shade guide
  • Complete instruction handbook.

When using our beloved teeth whitening gel pens, you can expect to have whiter teeth within just seven days of usage. Our happy clients believe this is the cheapest and easiest DIY teeth whitening kit available in the Gold Coast.

The best teeth whitening kits are available online, as well as being recommended by dentists across the Gold Coast. For less than $100, you can receive our entire dentist-approved kit delivered to your door.

  1. Smile Fit Club Dentists.

If you are unsure about an at-home teeth whitening treatment, you can visit one of our qualified dentists in various locations across the Gold Coast. The dentists in our direct club understand the value of teeth whitening and they can recommend the best action for you to take moving forward. They can also explain how each Smile Fit teeth whitening product works so you can feel more comfortable using it yourself.

When visiting one of our dentists in Burleigh Waters, Coomera, Southport or Pacific Pines, you can receive both a check-up and dental clean.

We want you to smile direct, so join our club and see the benefits. You can easily book an appointment with your dental clinic club direct online.

  1. Smile Fit Starter Kit.

The only thing better than a teeth whitening product or a dental visit… is a combination of both of those things. To kick-start your smile improvement journey, we are now offering an all-in-one package to help you.

Our starter kit contains everything you need to boost your smile:

  • Two check-ups and cleans with a Smile Fit dentist
  • Your choice of a sonic brush or whitening kit.

Not only will you receive professional advice from a trained dental surgeon, but you will also have the chance to continue your teeth whitening process at home. As we continue to expand our smile clubs across the Gold Coast and offer our products at competitive prices, there is no better time to join the club than now.

Thankfully, the process of finding a dentist near me or purchasing a teeth whitening kit is now easier than ever. Jump onto our Smile Fit Club website to start making a direct change to your smile.

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