What is the best kit for whitening your teeth at home?

Photo editing might be one way to achieve sparkling teeth…

But it fails to provide the complete happiness that a jaw of genuinely white choppers allows. Photoshop is not going to improve your appearance in real life, after all.

The desire to feel confident and content is not an ideal that has recently emerged with growing societal beauty expectations. In fact, humans have always wanted to look great and reap the confidence that comes as a result. Having a clean and flattering smile is just one way to enhance your visual appeal and permit optimal self-satisfaction.

Now that teeth whitening solutions are in abundance, more and more Australians are buying into products and methods for whiter smiles.

However, there is no denying that many of the options on the market are total flops. As teeth whitening experts, we have consulted various people who have fallen victim to useless dental treatments and smile-enhancing equipment.

We know exactly what does and does not work. In this blog, we plan to present the cold, hard facts. If you want insight into the most effective teeth whitening methods, keep reading.

Common mistakes made in relation to teeth whitening.

In the desperate hast to gain some pearly whites, Australians have made a few critical mistakes. Many people have wasted time, effort and money on whitening options that offer no real solution.

Obviously, we do not want you to fall into the same trap. There are four common mistakes to avoid if you wish to successfully brighten your smile.

1. Expecting that teeth whitening can be achieved overnight.

Unfortunately, safe teeth whitening cannot be attained with the click of a finger. Long-lasting teeth whitening often takes multiple treatments over a period of time. Each treatment will allow your teeth to become a brighter shade of white.

If anybody suggests that they can complete your entire teeth whitening journey in just one session, then you should not trust them. Realistically, the most durable teeth whitening processes will involve follow-up treatments.

2. Paying way too much on surgical treatments.

Teeth whitening does not need to be an expensive endeavour. Unfortunately, some Gold Coast dentists may upsell you procedures that you do not actually need.

If the cost of your teeth whitening starts reaching into four digits, it might be time to look elsewhere. Cheap teeth whitening is possible in the form of trustworthy teeth whitening kits.

3. Purchasing dodgy equipment.

Hundreds of scammers are trying to make a buck on the side by selling dubious teeth whitening gear. Our Gold Coast teeth whitening kits include the same agent that dentists use, so it is certain to have a significant positive impact.

The best teeth whitening kits will be inexpensive, easy to use and provide no negative side-effects. Painful, discomforting and bank-breaking treatments are a big no-no.

4. Using cheap DIY gels.

Just as high-priced treatments can be a warning sign, low-priced treatments can also be a worrying indication. Sometimes, what you pay is what you get. If you are paying too little for teeth whitening products, it is highly unlikely that they will actually achieve anything.

For a reliable teeth whitening kit, you can expect to pay around $100-$300 AUD.

5. Waiting months for any sort of improvement.

Although change is unlikely to happen overnight, you can anticipate improvements within the week. Whitening treatments that show little change over an extended period probably will not show any change ever.

Essentially, if you are yet to notice any change within seven days, you should be worried. Our popular teeth whitening kit is guaranteed to brighten your smile within just seven days.

What is the most effective teeth whitening method?

We are 100% certain that the best way to obtain a whiter smile is by investing in a teeth whitening gel pen. These low-cost pens are rapidly rising in popularity because of their admirable ability to cover stains in just seven days. Yes – one week!

Containing a dentist-approved whitening agent, these pens can transform your smile in a safesmart and simple way. It is no wonder why hundreds of Aussies are striving to endorse them.

Our expert team now sells popular teeth whitening pens as part of the Smile Fit Whitening Kit. In addition to three easy-to-use whitening pens, your kit will include: an LED light accelerator, before and after shade guide, and comprehensive instruction guide. The complete kit is currently available for $99 AUD – a seriously small price.

The Smile Fit Whitening Kit is approved and sold by various dentists in the Gold Coast. These certified dentists will also be able to provide other smile improvement options to you, such as methods for teeth straightening. For example, Invisalign is one popular way to enhance your grin in a cost-effective, stress-free manner.

For more information, browse our website.

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